How to Uninstall Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a apparatus to access download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and agenda downloads. Comprehensive absurdity accretion and resume adequacy will restart torn or disconnected downloads due to absent connections, arrangement problems, computer shutdowns, or abrupt ability outages.

If you do not wish this software any more, the afterward is the specific accomplish to uninstall Internet Download Manager in Windows XP.

Step 1: Exit the exceptionable active affairs and go aback to desktop.

Step 2: Bang Start> All Programs> Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Step 3: Bang Uninstall IDM. You will be presented a acceptable window astrologer and again accept Default option

Step 4: Bang Next

Step 5: In the pop-up window, columnist Finish button to accomplish Uninstall. You will see a chat box which acquaint you to reboot your computer

Step 6: Save your plan and abutting all active applications. Again bang OK to reboot your computer contrarily you can not abolish all of the apparatus of the exceptionable affairs from your computer

Step 7: After you accept restarted your computer, amuse bang Start card and again All Programs. If the exceptionable affairs still exists, right-click it and baddest Annul to annul the abandoned program.

Step 8: Check the Affairs Files binder in your arrangement drive (usually in Local Disk C) to see whether there is a binder alleged Internet Download Manager and if it is there, artlessly baddest the binder in the Windows Explorer and columnist Shift+Delete to abolish it permanently.

If you accomplish the aloft accomplish properly, you will auspiciously abolish the exceptionable software.